Jowin Co., Ltd., a trusted healthcare company that practices the love of life

All for Your Health and Wellness Life

Since 2014, we have offered improvement plans using digital technology, etc., and
close inspections of customer contact points so that customers can upgrade their time and
the value of their health and enjoy a better life.

Signed business agreements with Cheonan Dana Hill Hospital and Catholic Unjeong Hospital.
Established the Cancer Integrated Treatment and Prevention Forum.
Signed an agreement for the joint development of a digital therapeutics.
Acquired a mica mine.
Launched Health Insu.
Launched Sio200+, a renewal water high in the natural mineral silica.
Launched MY DREAM TEA for mental healthcare.
Launched MIRA CARE, a product for improvement of immunity.
Changed company name to Jowin Co., Ltd.
Signed a contract with Yuanta Securities as the lead manager for the company‘s IPO.
Released bio-silica water SIO 200.
Changed company name to My23 Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Launched a DTC genetic testing service.
Received the grand prize in the healthcare sector at the High-Tech Awards.
Established Light & Slim Co., Ltd.