Jowin Co., Ltd., a trusted healthcare company that practices the love of life

Jowin is a trusted
healthcare company

that practices love of life.

Hello! Jowin Co., Ltd., is a trusted healthcare company.

JOWIN is a portmanteau of the English words 'JOIN' and 'WIN.'
It has the meaning of “Join Us AND Let's Win Together!”
Jowin Co., Ltd., a healthcare-specialized company that helps customers to lead a healthy and vibrant lifestyle,
is creating a healthier world with its group of professionals and IT convergence technology.

Since 2014, we at Jowin Co., Ltd., have offered improvement plans using digital technology, etc., and close inspections of customer contact points so that customers can upgrade their time and the value of their health and enjoy a better life. We are also strengthening the competitiveness of our products and services by concentrating our research capabilities on the development of preventive medicines and new functional products to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from cancer and incurable diseases.

In addition, we are making efforts to improve the convenience of medical use for consumers and promote the efficient use of medical service resources by implementing an integrated and systematical treatment system of integrated functional medicine, which falls between modern and traditional medicine, for innovative treatment of cancer and incurable diseases.

Jowin Co., Ltd., is committed to becoming the first ‘Unicon’ healthcare company through continuous change and innovation.

Yeon-jeong Yoo, CEO of Jowin Co., Ltd.