Medical Business

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Medical Business 02

Promotion to establish
an integrated cancer
treatment center

We will take the lead in treating cancer patients
by establishing an integrated cancer treatment center.
Background of Establishment
Jowin intends to establish a specialized integrated cancer treatment hospital by not only distributing cancer treatment solutions but also discovering optimal location conditions and competent medical staff.
Through this, we will provide patients with a more optimized space for cancer treatment and further enhance our position and brand value as a healthcare company specializing in cancer treatment.
Standardized service and management
Expertise in differentiated cancer treatment
Solutions that maximize the cancer treatment effect
Partnerships with Hospital Management Services Organizations (MSOs)
Medical Land Co., Ltd.,MSO of Seoul Daehyo Hospital,
Neurobit Bio
Mstar World
Singapore Co., Ltd.,
listed as Korea's first medical institution.
Y Medical FoundationMOUs with Indonesia Damaiputra Group
and 10 general hospitals