Medical Business

We are creating a healthier world with our group of professionals and IT convergence technology.

Medical Business 01

Cancer treatment

Based on the expertise we have researched and developed
together with leaders of clinical nutrition and medicine
with experience of 20 or more years, we are developing
a specialized bio-functional food for cancer patients and
growing to be a specialized platform for cancer care
and treatment.
Solution Competitiveness
With our cancer treatment solutions, we are implementing a cancer treatment/management system based on a differentiated system, and education/promotion/marketing are being carried out through our group of professionals.
In the case of sericite mica provided by Jowin, we have signed a research agreement with Chungnam National University Medical School and verified its effectiveness through a study on the natural anti-cancer drug mechanism. We supply it as raw material through our solid domestic and overseas network of traditional medical clinics and traditional medicine-producing facilities.


Natural mineral herbal medicine approved by the KFDA
Pain relief/promotion of appetite /sleep induction solutions
Solutions that maximize the effect of cancer treatment
Integrated Marketing
Viral Marketing
Public Affairs
Content Support