Cancer Care & Cure Platform

We practice love of life with our premium healthcare solutions.

We supply cancer care and
treatment solutions to domestic
and foreign hospital networks.

Based on the expertise that we have gained through research and
development together with leaders in clinical nutrition
and medicine with 20 or more years of experience,
we are developing specialized bio-functional food products
for patients with cancers and becoming a specialized platform
for cancer care and treatment.

We are striving to establish
a medical center
that treats cancer
and incurable diseases through the
integrated application of medicine, oriental
medicine, and supplementary medicine.

Through the establishment of this integrated medical center,
we will lead the treatment of cancer patients, establish an
integrated medical academy for ongoing research and
development, and expand networking in cancer treatment.

UNBION helps cancer patients recover
with a biological ore that activates cells.

UNBION is a healthcare product that cancer patients truly need,
as it increases body temperature, activates the molecular movement
of cells, and boosts blood circulation and waste excretion.

Health + Insurance
We present Health Insu, a product
that the world has never seen before

Health Insu, a health functional food product combined with insurance,
is a new-concept preventive insurance product with international patents.

We make the bio-functional foods
that your body needs for a healthy life,
and a life that leads to health.

We provide health functional food verified by doctors
who have studied clinical nutrition and medicine for 20 years.

We make the most nutritious and
effective products for your body.

With a group of professionals equipped with 20 years of expertise
in clinical testing health supplements, Jowin is developing and distributing effective products.

Starting with a cancer patient
meditation app, we have been
researching and developing
digital treatments.

At Jowin, we are preparing not only selective treatment,
but also psychological integrated treatment through
information-sharing platforms and communities for cancer patients.